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History comes to life in heritage village

Author: Bill Redekop
ARBORG -- Bjorn and Lara Sigvaldason had 16 children.
The family used flour sacks for curtains. Lara baked 24 loaves of bread at a time to feed her brood. Her best set of dishes were bone china from Berkshire, England.

Gliding into Winter Fun!

Author: Gail J McDonald
The Interlake! What a wonderful & fascinating place we either choose to live in or were born here.
Stay tuned each month for an article about tourism happenings in the Interlake- fun filled events, new "gems" to explore and what's exciting on the scene for this beautiful region! 

Under the Boardwalk

Author: Carolin Vesely
Author takes readers back to Winnipeg Beach's heady heyday. The first "resort" in Manitoba the author tells "WHY" it made such a difference in the lives of the young and courting folks of the day. 

Willow is Nature's ReBar!

Author: Kevin Rollason
At times, it seems Lake Winnipeg is determined to become Lake Agassiz again. The ice-age lake that formed 13,000 years ago included present-day Lake Winnipeg, Lake Manitoba, Lake Winnipegosis and Lake of the Woods. It spread all the way west to the ...

Driving Discovery: The Interlake in Manitoba

Author: Shel Zolkewich
Manitoba boasts two gigantic lakes (and about 99,998 smaller ones). Nestled between lakes Winnipeg and Manitoba is a region called the Interlake. It’s a place where farming and commercial fishing keep the economy chugging along. Where crops and shoreline meet, you’ll see wide open spaces, big skies, bigger smiles and great food. Let’s go for a drive!

Icelandic pride on display in Gimli

Author: Elizabeth Fraser
Gimli was filled on the weekend with Viking aficionados homesteading a temporary village and re-enacting battles at this year's 124th annual Icelandic Festival of Manitoba's living history exhibit. But Vikings weren't the only ones roaming the streets.


The role tourism plays into our provincial economy may surprise you. Based on 2011 tourism data from Statistics Canada the amount spent by visitors in Manitoba totaled more than $1.4 billion. That makes up about 3.6 per cent of our total Gross Domestic Product (GDP). While we can document the data of how much is spent, what is hard to document is the impact tourists play for specialized operators in smaller, seasonal communities

5 ways to help heal Lake Winnipeg

Author: CBC News 
The Manitoba government recently launched a billion-dollar effort to help communities reduce phosphorous emissions that end up in Lake Winnipeg. But it's a plan that could take years to establish. Lake Winnipeg most threatened in world in 2013. Lake Winnipeg fisherman worried about return of algae

Lake Winnipeg, Manitoba -More of Canada's Places of a Lifetime

Author: By Robin Esrock
When Winnipeg locals talk about "going to the coast," they mean the sandy shores of Lake Winnipeg, about an hour away. Part of the draw, says Joanne Liang, a senior buyer at the landmark H.P. Tergeson general store, is that "it's really affordable. The lake and beaches are beautiful," she says. "Because we have so many beaches, they can accommodate a lot of people without feeling too crowded."

7 cottagey words you’ll only hear in Canada

shutterstock_108271466Author: By Sara Chappel

Photo by Rachel Duchesne/
If you’re a certain age, you’ll remember Molson Canadian’s famous Joe Canada rant (which went viral before going viral was a thing), in which the actor unleashes a torrent of patriotic vocabulary: “A tuque is a hat, a chesterfield is a couch, and it is pronounced zed…”

A Nature Excursion at Hecla Grindstone Provincial Park

Author: Robyn Hanson

My next destination was Hecla/Grindstone Provincial Park, or specifically Hecla, as almost everyone in Manitoba calls it. Hecla refers to the part of the park on Hecla Island, located off the west coast of Lake Winnipeg. The Grindstone part is located on the mainland, which I sadly wasn’t able to visit. In any case, I was curious to check out Hecla, as everyone I had encountered spoke so fondly of it. It seemed to be a popular nature retreat for Winnipeggers, and as a nature enthusiast, I couldn’t wait 

New permanent exhibit on health of Lake Winnipeg opens Saturday

Author: By: Bartley Kives 
The Manitoba Museum has launched a $1-million effort to demystify the science behind Lake Winnipeg’s environmental woes. Lake Winnipeg: Shared Solutions, a new permanent exhibit in the museum’s subterranean Science Centre, opens Saturday with the aim of explaining the eutrophication of the world’s 10th-largest lake – and ideally motivate ordinary Manitobans to take small steps to reverse the process.

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