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Carrying on the Tradition

Author: Tabitha Martens
My mother recently taught me how to fillet a fish, pulled from Lake Winnipeg waters. I watched in awe as she guided the knife through the fish; “just follow the backbone,” she said. Fascinated by the beauty of its scales, I listened as my mom shared her knowledge of deep water and shallow water fish.

Manitoba lake in exclusive company Fisheries certified sustainable by council

Author: Bartley Kives
Waterhen Lake's fisheries are the only ones in Canada certified sustainable.
A Manitoba lake is the first freshwater body in North America -- and only the second in the world -- to have its fisheries certified sustainable.

See Manitoba's vital history live with St. Andrews Rectory restored

Author: Bill Redekop
Venerable Selkirk Settlers structure will be open to public for summer. RIVER ROAD NORTH -- Of all the amazing features in the St. Andrews Rectory, built in 1854 in the RM of St. Andrews, one of the most curious is the rings that hold the ducts of the wood stove. The rings, to allow the ducts to pass through walls and provide heat to different rooms without setting them on fire, are carved out of Tyndall stone. Tunnels were chiselled into blocks of Tyndall stone to hold the ducts.

Roadside satisfied: Six cross-Canada food stops worth pulling over for

Author: Amy Rosen, Special to National Post | June 28, 2014 9:00 AM ET
Integrity foods, Riverton, Manitoba is featured
in this article on stops you need to make along the road when traveling in Canada.

More from Special to National Post is about Amy's explorations of six "not to be missed" roadside stops across Canada.

Report calls for urgency in protecting wetlands

In the light of water shortages and pollution elsewhere, a report to be released Monday recommends greater protection for Manitoba's boreal region that includes world-class water resources.

The report, entitled Manitoba's Blue Mosaic, was produced by Ducks Unlimited and the Boreal Songbird Initiative, and sounds an alarm of urgency for Manitobans to be aware of the importance of such conservation before it is too late.

Hot dog! Skinners celebrating 85 years

From the left; Lyle, Brenda, Louise, Brent, and Al Thompson. The Thompsons have owned the 85 year old Skinner's business for 35 years.  Jimmy Skinner, original owner's son, was the general manager of the NHL's Detroit Red wings in the 1950s. (Chris Procay


Imagine if Detroit Red Wings forward Darren Helm, the pride of St. Andrews, were serving hotdogs in Lockport to earn a few extra bucks in the summer. As crazy as it sounds, that's what it was like at Skinner's restaurant in the 1940s and '50s. It was in the original six NHL era when James Skinner Sr., owned the Skinner's restaurant

Oak Hammock something to honk about

Author: Steve Lambert
Bird sanctuary great for viewing stars and northern lights, too!

Just north of Winnipeg, in the middle of one of North America’s busi­est bird migration routes, lies a pristine wetland that offers city dwellers a getaway to unspoiled views of birds, stars and the northern lights.

History comes to life in heritage village

Author: Bill Redekop
ARBORG -- Bjorn and Lara Sigvaldason had 16 children.
The family used flour sacks for curtains. Lara baked 24 loaves of bread at a time to feed her brood. Her best set of dishes were bone china from Berkshire, England.

Gliding into Winter Fun!

Author: Gail J McDonald
The Interlake! What a wonderful & fascinating place we either choose to live in or were born here.
Stay tuned each month for an article about tourism happenings in the Interlake- fun filled events, new "gems" to explore and what's exciting on the scene for this beautiful region! 

Under the Boardwalk

Author: Carolin Vesely
Author takes readers back to Winnipeg Beach's heady heyday. The first "resort" in Manitoba the author tells "WHY" it made such a difference in the lives of the young and courting folks of the day. 

Willow is Nature's ReBar!

Author: Kevin Rollason
At times, it seems Lake Winnipeg is determined to become Lake Agassiz again. The ice-age lake that formed 13,000 years ago included present-day Lake Winnipeg, Lake Manitoba, Lake Winnipegosis and Lake of the Woods. It spread all the way west to the ...

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