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Location: Oak Hammock Marsh
Contact: 204-467-3300
Location: Oak Hammock Marsh
Contact: 204-467-3300
Location: Oak Hammock Marsh
Contact: 204-467-3300
Location: Oak Hammock Marsh
Contact: 204-467-3300
Location: Oak Hammock Marsh
Contact: 204-467-3300

Artisans & Galleries

Artisans love to call the Interlake home, rich in history and culture the region is food for the souls of these talented residents. Fine art & craft of all mediums are found here, pottery to painting, sculpting to photography & everything in between. The Interlake is a haven as well as an inspiration for these creative individuals.

 Dunnottar Station Project is part museum and part artists gallery. Found in the tiny village of Ponemah the refurbished train station is another stop on The WAVE Studio Artists Tour, featuring some of the surrounding areas fine artisans works on display. So whether you stop to catch up on history or view and buy that treasured artwork the folks at this train station always have time for a friendly visit.                                                        

Nestled along the lakeshore and marina in Gimli you will be amazed by the quality, quantity and vast array of the unique offerings of the 50+ members of the Gimli Art Club & Sea Wall Gallery that will be celebrating their 40th Anniversary in 2009. A stop on the The WAVE Studio Artists Tour, make sure you take time to walk along the sea wall that not only protects the town of Gimli from the waters of Lake Winnipeg but provides a unique wall of artworks with more to come.             

A site of artistic excellence will be found at The Mermaid's Kiss GalleryOwner, Linda Vermeulen, uses only the finest glass from Murino, Italy in her one of a kind speciality, Lampwork Glass Jewellery. 
Photography is another of Linda’s loves with her images used in travel brochures, newspapers, A&M Records and by Bryan Adams. She now spends her free time finding those intriguing images around the Interlake region. 

The Selkirk Community Arts Centre Inc., the home of the Gwen Fox Gallery resides in the Old Post Office on Main St. in Selkirk.Featuring exhibits of member artisans work, they also have a unique Gift Boutique that offers that special gift. (you will find a list of exhibitors on the ITAwebsite)

Art combines with Heritage at the Selkirk Arts Centre– reviving the life of the Old Post Office built in 1907. Come for the Art or come because you love Heritage buildings.Workshops and art classes also available.Drop by for a visit from February to December.

“South of the Lakes Art Tour”
features over a dozen artisans from the Prairie Oak Regional Arts Council. Members exhibit in their studios or in Stonewall, living and working in the south and southwest area of the Interlake.

Many of these artisans take their inspiration from the beautiful vastness of the prairies.Look forward to visiting these artists, talking with them and taking some “special piece” home with you during the mid September tour. Maps are available in July.

The Interlake with its Inland Oceans inspires many of the artisan members of" The WAVE Artists Studio Tour". Starting on another year of bi-annual Artists Studio Tours, "The WAVE" brings a multitude of Fine Arts forms and mediums with over 35 artisans flying blue& white flags.

This self guided tour takes you along the western shoreline of Lake Winnipeg,encompasses the vastness of the marshes & entices you down some charming country lanes. These artisans invite you into their studios- speak with them about their work, their inspiration or just wander thru. Watch for those flags flying so you can find a special treasure, inspired by the Interlake, to remember your visit to our special haven with its Infinite Possibilities!

V. Gross Doll Museum & Gift Shop
, just north east of Warren, lets you step back in time and remember days of dolls and toys, trucks & dollhouses. With over 3,500 dolls on display in two separate buildings & gift shop with over 250 dolls for sale you have an opportunity to remember the toys of your childhood.

Fred Gross is also an artisan wood carver, creating birds and animals as well as turning pieces of an ordinary log into a work of art as he breathes life into the faces he carves.
Drop by for a walk down memory lane in the museum and pick up that unique carved wood item for someone special in your life. Fred is one of the featured artisans during the "South of the Lakes Art Tour" as a member of the Prairie Oak Regional ArtsCouncil. Call for appointment to have a guided tour and learn the history of the displays.