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Reflecting the Past while living in the present may be the greatest reason for mankind to preserve that past- when you know from where you came it is easier to predict a future!

Resting peacefully along the slow flowing Icelandic River the  Arborg & District Multicultural Heritage Village is comprised of homes of Icelandic, Ukrainian & Polish building styles, including a 1900 log cabin dismantled and moved here. See the Roman Numerals marking the logs, here the story of why it was done?

The village has a school, a church, a Parish hall from Poplarfield, Ukrainian bake oven, Hykaway Grist Mill & artifacts from the Winnipeg Beach Ukrainian Village as well as 2 tipis, storage and workshop. The neighbouring campground (seasonal) makes it a great place to stay and extend your museum visit. Across the river from the Town of Arborg, within walking distance of many amenities in town.

A.S. Hern gave his name to the town of Ashern. Why was this community named after him? What happened to make Ashern stand out in the Manitoba heritage archives? Take a trip up Hwy # 6 to the Ashern Pioneer Museum to garner that knowledge and more about this thriving community just east of the Lake Manitoba shore.

It's heritage was celebrated in 2012 when the town turned 100 years old, so more "tales" found there way when they honoured the pioneers from the community. Stop by and take part an opportunity to celebrate a unique piece from the province's history.


Step back in time to the days of the "Daddy Trains"!

In days past this train brought hundreds of "daddies" to town in the heyday of Winnipeg Beach and the communities along this Lake Winnipeg shoreline. Families would "live for the summer" at the cottage and daddies would travel Friday's after work for the weekend, returning on Sundays to the city. 


Heritage and Art joins in Dunnottar at the refurbished Dunnottar Train Station. Dunnottar tells the story of the days of the Daddy trains and their importance to this cottage area.

The Eriksdale Museum demonstrates the importance of a creamery to the farming community. This 1950's creamery has been restored and boasts many fascinating artifacts from the orginial days of creamery's in our towns & villages. Exhibits from the old St. John's Anglican Church are housed here also. A new info  centre is beside the Creamery with artifacts & tourism infro . During the summer months, a historic tour of Eriksdale can be arranged via the Creamery.


Have you ever dined in a museum? 
At Anderson's Hitch 'n Post Ranch you can experience country dining among artifacts used daily by the pioneers settling Canada. Explore and reminisce and see how many of the treasurers you can identify. Inside or out it is sure to provide you with a unique experience!


A unique Country Roadhouse filled with memorabilla from days long gone, Hunt's Country Roadhouse houses collections of metal signs, automotive items, toys, bottles, crocks, furniture, papers, western artifacts and much more. Everywhere you look you see collections of different objects, including barber chairs, gas pumps and some antique vehicles. This is a history lovers dream. Catering for groups up to 200 + this is perfect for the country flavour for any event. Great for weddings, fund raisers- do something different for your next office party as it offers an interesting walk down memory lane.


The Hudson Bay Company and the fur trade of the late 1700 & 1800's set the stage for the opening of western Canada. Lake Winnipeg & the Red River played important roles in this piece of history, with the oldest intact fur trade fort in Canada just north of Winnipeg. Lower Fort Garry National Historic Site sits along the Red River, and celebrates the history of both Aboriginal peoples of the area and the settlers that came to this new land. Experience the delicious taste of freshly baked bannock- that you learned how to make. Costumed interpreters breath life into the key parts of the fur trade history and the importance to the opening of the Canadian west.


Nautical heritage on the prairies may be rare until you visit our Inland Oceans—with Lake Manitoba & Lake Winnipeg & the Red River comes a marine history rich with tales and artifacts seen at the Marine Museum of Manitoba. Six ships proudly call the Selkirk Park home as they rest along side the Red River. From the elegant lounge of the S.S. Keenora to the workhorse that the Joe Simpson was, your visit will enrich your knowledge and pride in what makes Manitoba unique. 

The ghost tales are not so tall at the Marine Museum of Manitoba. You will wish to check out the Marine Museum at their Halloween Haunts each Octobe4r to learn some of the real ghostly happenings aboard these ships.


Icelandic history in Manitoba comes alive at the main site of the New Iceland Heritage Museum (Waterfront Towers on 1st Ave.) An 18 ft. high mural, artifacts, and ever changing displays makes this a place to visit. Icelandic settlers treasured their culture and their literature which clearly shows when you see the many artifacts left behind by early settlers of New Iceland. Learn the story of how they made their way to Canada.
At the Lake Winnipeg Visitor Centre you are presented with the history of Lake Winnipeg, the fishing industry,the lifeblood of many Icelandic families in the area.  


“Knowing your past lets you plot your future". St. Andrews Heritage Centre & Rectory celebrates life in the Red River area from before the fur traders and multicultural mix of settlers moved into this valley area. Just moved to the St. Andrews Rectory in spring of 2013 this heritage centre will settle into it's new old site and will be busy preparing and setting up exhibits and activities that will enhance your visit.


Take a stroll among the six buildings of the Woodlands Pioneer Museum located just off of Hwy #6 in the village of Woodlands. Enjoy the artifacts of the pioneers that settled the Woodlands area in the 1800's, the pioneers that broke the land and toiled the soil. A church, two schools, a pioneer home, an equipment shed and the pioneer town gallery display the stories of these days, so drop by for a visit soon.


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